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October 15, 2009

"A-AUTO®" Wins Its Third User in Spain
- BSP' s job scheduling software, "A-AUTO," has been adopted by the Spanish transportation authority -

"A-AUTO," job scheduling software supplied by BSP Incorporated (hereafter "BSP"), has been adopted by the transportation authority of Spanish interior ministry, or Dirección General de Tráfico (hereafter "DGT"). BSP is a developer and distributor of packaged software for IT system operations. It is based in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (President and CEO: Hiroki Takefuji).

BSP products have been adopted, as middleware supporting mission-critical applications, by many companies and offices in various businesses and industries, ranging from government offices to telecommunications, manufacturing, and finance. Among others, the job scheduling software "A-AUTO," a major product of BSP, has sold well ever since it was released in 1977 in Japan. It has a proven record of about 7,700 installations by over 700 Japanese and foreign companies.

In overseas markets, BSP has extended steady sales efforts via competent local partners for years. Thanks to this approach, "A-AUTO" was adopted in 1987 for the first time in Southeast Asia by Telekom Malaysia, a major telecom company in the country, and has been used for over 20 years.

DGT is the third user of A-AUTO in Spain. The other two are the Caja Laboral and Ibercaja Banks, which installed A-AUTO through Fujitsu Technology Solutions, S.A., a local distribution partner of BSP.

Because its data center was aging, DGT outsourced the restructuring of its IT infrastructure to Fujitsu Technology Solutions, S.A. for use in constructing a new disaster recovery center. In recognition of the superior performance that "A-AUTO" has supplied to its users in Spain, DGT officially adopted the product to meet its need for an improved job scheduling system.

Overview of Dirección General de Tráfico
The Dirección General de Tráfico, commonly called DGT, is a governmental transportation authority under the jurisdiction of the Spanish interior ministry. Its functions are similar to those of the Department of Motor Vehicles in the United States.
*Address: Josefa Valcarcel, 28, 28071, Madrid, Spain
*Established: July 1959
*Representative: Mr. Pere Navarro Olivella (Director General of DGT)

"A-AUTO" runs on a wide variety of platforms, and BSP provides, as standard support services, know-how and expertise established through the past experiences of installing it on various system environments.

In January 2009, "A-AUTO" Ver7.1, the latest version for servers, was released in Japan, realizing further advanced usability with a control screen on a Web browser.

For more details about "A-AUTO" products, please see the following website:

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