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Be.Learning -E-Learning to visualize effect

Common Problems-

  • Internal classroom training is conducted, but there is no way to determine how well students understand the material presented.
  • Tests are given after classroom training, but to score and manage them is a lot of work.
  • An e-learning tool is being considered, but the department in change of employees' education is not eager to use it.
  • Employees are not motivated to learn.

Effective for

  • Companies that must require employees to comply with the Private Information Protection Law.
  • Companies that want to qualify for Privacy Mark Certification or ISMS certification.
  • Any organization that wants toi train employees.

Be.Learning will solve your problems.

  • Because each student's test results are displayed graphically, checking progress is easier than in the classroom, and takes less time.
  • The work of administering and analyzing tests and questionnaires is dramatically reduced.
  • People who are not experienced with PC tools can easily create material for courses.
  • Courses in subjects specific to an organization can be created easily, and the learning process can be customized. Therefore employees' motivation to learn is increased.

Product Overview

Be.Learning is an e-learning tool that aims to make students understand contents more fully by having them repeat tests. A wizard makes it easy to construct tests. Employees can take tests at any time, and managers can monitor their' understanding in real time.

Easy creation of tests in various formats

Even those not expert in IT can create tests in various formats by following the wizard.

Real-time progress monitoring by managers and education administrators

Managers can monitor their staff's progress, and education administrators can monitor the progress of all students in real time. Because learning logs can be exported to CSV files, managers and administrators can analyze a student's learning history.

Real-time score display

Students can see their scores as soon as they complete tests. It is possible to establish an education infrastructure enabling students to recognize what they have not understood, correct any misunderstandings, and thus retain their understanding.

Case Study

Employee testing and training tool for ISMS-certified company


  • To keep its ISMS certification, a company has to train employees on information security.
  • To assess employees' understanding of information security, it is necessary to create tests and score the results. These tasks have become a burden on education administrators.


  • Employees retain their knowledge better, because they repeat tests until they make a perfect score.
  • Administering and scoring tests and distributing the results require much less work than when tests on paper were used.
  • An infrastructure has been established that enables employees to take tests and score their results at any time they like. The administration of tests can now be planned, and all employees can be trained.