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Mar. 2011 Established new R&D Center in Xian, China
May. 2009 Established BSP R&D center in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Dec. 2008 Introduced CHOHYO DASH!, a report management system.
Oct. 2008 BSP Inc. merged its subsidiary, BSP Prism.
Apr. 2008 Introduced an operating officer system.
Jan. 2008 Founded BSP(shanghai)Inc. in Shanghai, China
Jun. 2007 Introduced a new concept of IT systems operation, LMIS (Life Cycle Management for IT Service).
Apr. 2006
Introduced Exentry, a system for managing data input.
Mar. 2006 Filed for initial public offering and listing on Jasdaq Securities Exchange (code:3800).
Increased capital to 1.33 billion yen.
Jan. 2006 Introduced BeXtation, an operation management system.
Apr. 2005 Introduced Be.Learning, an e-learning system specializing in the management of IT system operations.
Mar. 2005 Introduced TIA Report, a system to handle the entire process of information analysis.
Apr. 2004 Appointed Hiroki Takefuji as President and Kenji Yamaguchi as Senior Managing Director.
Mar. 2004 Introduced Loganizer, a total log management system that collects job logs and systems.
Mar. 2003 Introduced Sky-Eye Tribune, a one-stop monitoring system.
Dec. 2002
Introduced ConnectZone, a process control system.
May. 2002 AASoft Solutions Pte Ltd. took over the entire operations of BSP Singapore Pte Ltd.
Oct. 2001 Introduced BSP-RM, an integrated multi-platform system for report management.
Jul. 2001 Opened Fukuoka branch office.
Apr. 2001 Appointed Isao Miyadai as Chairman and Hitoshi Hayakawa as President.
  Founded BSP Solutions Inc., separating IT Solutiions Business Dept. from BSP Inc.
Apr. 2000 Introduced Information Navigator, an information retrieval and manipulation system developed by BSP International.
Feb. 1999 Obtained ISO 9001 certification.
Dec. 1998 Introduced A-AUTO Reports, a subsystem to create A-AUTO management reports.
  BSP products reached 2,000 installations.
Apr. 1998 Increased capital to 480 million yen.
Oct. 1997 Increased capital to 225 million yen.
Apr. 1997 Opened Sapporo branch office.
Oct. 1997 Increased capital to 225 million yen.
Aug. 1996 Introduced A-QUALITY, an automated system for information assurance.
Mar. 1996 Introduced A-SUPERVISION, an advanced system for supervising enterprise operations.
  Opened Nagoya branch office.
Aug. 1995 Founded BSP International Corporation in New York, NY, USA.
Jun. 1995 Introduced A-DATAdrift (replacing A-GATHER), an advanced system for data management.
Apr. 1995 Opened Osaka branch office.
Oct. 1994 Increased capital to 180 million yen.
Aug. 1993 Introduced A-AUTO for UNIX.
Jul. 1993
BSP Inc. took over the entire operations products business of Software AG of Far East, Inc
Jul. 1992 Increased capital to 60 million yen.
Oct. 1989 Introduced A-LOG, an advanced system for managing job logs and SYSLOG.
Sep. 1989 Founded BSP Singapore Pte Ltd.
Feb. 1989 Increased capital to 30 million yen.
Oct. 1987 Changed company name from Three B, Inc., to BSP Inc. Appointed Isao Miyadai as the first President.
Apr. 1987 Introduced A-GATHER, now marketed as A-DATAdrift.
Apr. 1984 Introduced A-SPOOL, an advanced system for report management.
May 1982 Founded Three B, Inc. (Tokyo, capital 10,000,000 yen). Appointed Isao Miyadai as the first president.
Jul. 1977 Introduced A-AUTO, an advanced automatic computer operation system.
Aug. 1976 Founded Software AG of Far East, Inc. (Tokyo, Capital 5 Million Yen), separating from Business Consultant, Inc.