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February 18, 2011

QUALICA adopts BSP’s A-AUTO as the new job management system for its production control system, AToMsQube, for cloud computing in China

QUALICA Inc. (hereinafter QUALICA), a member of the IT Holdings Group, has adopted A-AUTO, developed by BSP Incorporated (hereinafter BSP), as its job management system for AToMsQube, which is a production control system designed for a manufacturing company that has recently launched operations in China. BSP is an IT system developer and provider based in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (President and Representative Director, Hiroki Takefuji).

QUALICA is a high-quality IT solution service provider based in Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan (President, Mitsushi Nishida). It has considerable experience in system architecture and system implementation, especially in manufacturing, taking advantage of its wealth of work knowledge and expertise in construction and transport machinery.

BSP’s A-AUTO, which gives excellent cost performance, has been introduced by QUALICA into its infrastructure system for managing jobs in the production control system AToMsQube for cloud computing, a core product of QUALICA. After the improvement that the new system provides, QUALICA launched its services in the fast-growing China market in January 2011.

Message from Mr. Hiroyuki Negoro in Business Development Division, QUALICA Inc.
AToMsQube is excellent software that supports production control, which is considered the core competence of manufacturers, in many ways. The software has every function that is required for a production control system, from order management to production planning, inventory control, shipping, and sales management. Being capable of multi-language support, it actively supports our customers as they expand their business in foreign countries.

BSP’s A-AUTO was chosen for its functionality and high quality, as well as BSP’s more than thirty years of experience in providing its software, mainly to leading companies. During the implementation of the AToMsQube system in China, we were very much pleased with BSP’s responsiveness.

In combination with A-AUTO, our production control system aims to further improve its cloud service functions to make them optimal for the giant, fast-growing market in China.

For more details on the products and services, please visit the websites below.

"A-AUTO"- Superior job management system that enables automatic work operations applicable to all types of platforms

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"AToMsQube"- Excellent production control system optimal for manufacturing sector

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