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February 22, 2011

BSP Shanghai concluded strategic business alliance agreement with Digital China, a leading IT service provider in China

Digital China Financial Software Ltd. (hereinafter “Digital China”), based in Haidian District, Beijing, and BSP (Shanghai) Inc., (Chairman, Hiroki Takefuji), based in Pudong, Shanghai, which is a locally incorporated subsidiary of BSP in China, concluded in December 2010 an agreement on a strategic business alliance, aiming to use BSP operations management software (hereinafter “the products”) as the preferred applications for the system infrastructure of Xian Data Center of Digital China and for the order management system that the company offers to its customers.

The operations management products of BSP, which have proven record, have been adopted by a great number of corporations in Japan as useful tools in achieving stable operation of mission-critical tasks. They include a production control system for use in manufacturing and an accounting system for use in financial services.

The alliance with Digital China will enable the Chinese company to use various BSP products, including the major job management software A-AUTO, in its Data Center Services. With the improved system infrastructure, the company will be capable of providing higher quality services with more value added, such as stable operation, improved quality of service, and better cost performance. Meanwhile, in order to improve sales activities in China, BSP will further increase its marketing functions by use of Digital China’s extensive sales network, which covers the entire country and its diversified marketing channels.

Taking advantage of the strategic business alliance with Digital China, BSP Group is committed to developing more business activities in the fastest-growing China market by reinforcing its business operation base in the country, having Shanghai at its core.

Overview of Digital China Financial Software Ltd.
Established: March 20, 2006
Digital China Financial Software Ltd., currently operating 19 branch offices in major cities in China, specializes in IT services for the financial services sector. It is a leading Chinese IT service provider having business with the telecommunication industry and government agencies through global partnerships with over 100 companies.

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