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March, 2015

Merger and Company Name Change

We are proud to announce that Beacon Information Technology Inc. and BSP Inc. will merge as of April 1, 2015, to form a company that will take on a new challenge as UNIRITA Inc.

Through this fusion of Beacon Information Technology, specializing in data management, and BSP, specializing in operations management, we will create a company that will bring our customers better products and solutions.

This merger is not a new start for Beacon Information Technology or BSP. Rather, two companies are being reborn as a single new company. We therefore have agreed not to retain either of the present names, but rather to take a new name— UNIRITA, Inc. The first three letters, UNI, suggest uniqueness. The last four, RITA, spell a Japanese word for altruism.

We hope to be full of new, unique ideas that will enable us to keep our services customer-driven and contribute to customers and to society. We will endeavor to adapt ourselves to the ever-changing IT market and make ourselves necessary to customers.

We thank you for your long-term support of the two companies. Each board member and employee will continue to strive to fulfill the mission suggested by the name of the company. We ask for your continuous support in the years to come.


Hiroki Takefuji
President and Representative Director
BSP Incorporated.

Masahiro Shindo
President and CEO
Beacon Information Technology Inc.

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