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System Administrator Appreciation Day

Starting in August 2006, the UNIRITA Group has promoted System Administrator Appreciation Day.

This day was instituted in July 2000 by a system administrator in Chicago, USA, as a special day, comparable to Secretary Day, for system administrators. The day is set aside to honor those who work long, thankless hours rebooting our servers, locking down our networks, and generally fixing every problem that comes up with the IT systems that most office workers don't know how to operate.

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As enterprise management becomes more critical to corporations, business and IT operations have become inseparable and burdens and responsibilities of those who operate IT systems are becoming heavier. The UNIRITA Group supports those in the IT systems operation by working to provide the best solutions to reduce the burdens of IT systems operators. We believe that showing our appreciation helps in motivating them to run the IT systems smoothly and effectively, and this leads ultimately to improvements in the service the company can offer its customers.

System Administrator Appreciation Day

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