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BSP's new concept of systems operation,-

LMIS makes possible the total optimization of IT services.

As the importance of IT services for organizations increases, both a higher level of IT services and innovations in technology are essential. Since the release of ITIL V3, practices to improve the quality of IT management throughout the life cycle approach based on ITIL V3 has been focused.

To respond to the various problems that arise in operating IT systems, UNIRITA believes that total optimization of IT services, from development to operation, is more effective than partial optimization by each department. To realize total optimization, UNIRITA proposes a new IT services concept: LMIS-Lifecycle Management for IT Service.

LMIS has three major themes.

Paradigm shift of IT systems operation, from just maintaining and operating the system, to providing services and improving Service Level.

LMIS focuses on improving IT services rather than cutting costs as is generally demanded for IT systems operation. Improving quality and systematizing day-by-day operation will reduce cost and thus transform the IT system from a cost center to a profit center.

The development and operation departments must be separated as an individual department in terms of quality improvement and risk management, but this often results in a confusion of responsibilities. LMIS makes possible a smooth transition of IT services from development to operation by clearly defining the responsibilities of each department.